Gaming TV 2014 review: Samsung H6350 series

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The H6350 series composes of the latest mid-range television set by Samsung. Customers can choose between various sizes from 32 inches to 75 inches. So how does the UN32H6350, UN40H6350, UN48H6350, UN50H6350, UN55H6350, UN60H6350, UN65H6350 and UN64H6350 fare as gaming TVs? You can find out with our H6350 review below:

Gaming Features

Samsung’s H6350 series has more than enough inputs for you to connect multiple devices. The TVs come with four HDMI ports for the PC along with the Nintendo Wii U, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One high-definition consoles. It also includes one input apiece for the component and composite cables. Therefore, users can connect the Nintendo 64, Nintendo Wii, PS1, PS2, PSP and other older systems from previous generations.

The televisions also support a native refresh rate of 120Hz, which can be doubled when using the Clear Motion feature. For consoles, this won’t make a difference considering that video games can only run at 60Hz at most. With some PC titles, however, the players can push the frame rate to beyond 60 per second by using the display options. In this case, the 120Hz could be really beneficial.

Picture Quality

The picture quality of the H6350 series did not change all that much when compared to the previous sets from the manufacturer. While the color accuracy remains impressive, the black level is still troublesome. This is most likely going to be a problem when playing a video game that uses the black color at light, especially with shadows and nighttime.

Most of the games come with some sort of option that will allow you to adjust the brightness level in the menus. Others may come with a reference screen to use when using the television settings for brightness. More technical details on the picture quality can be found on CNET.


Like its other TVs, Samsung cut no corners in making the UN32H6350, UN40H6350, UN48H6350, UN50H6350, UN55H6350, UN60H6350, UN65H6350 and UN64H6350 look great. The screen for all sizes remain skinny, measuring at less than half a inch in depth. The matte finish also reduces the glare from sunlight and other light sources.

Conversely, the remote control is not ergonomically designed with a odd rectangle shape and many buttons located too closely together. Using it for long sessions could really make your hand cramp up. The sets do come with the ability to install and play video games without the need of external consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One. However, the clunky remote is going to hinder the experience for many players.

Other Elements

Being smart TVs, the main focus of the sets are connectivity. Customers can connect various devices to the big high-def screens. For instance, your camera, smart phone and computer can be linked wirelessly to stream media formats without cables. Even if you need a direct connection, three USB ports can be used as well. The series also come with built-in Wi-Fi and Ethernet, giving you the option to download apps and stream videos. Last but not least, you can browse the world wide web (even though it may be cumbersome if using the remote).

Powering all of these software is a quad core processor. The chip allows the sets to multitask as users do not have to close one app in order to use another. In terms of audio, the televisions support Dolby MS10, DTS Studio Sound and DTS Premium Sound 5.1 with a optical and mini-jack output.

The energy usage varies based on the sizes of the screen of the gaming TVs. The smallest unit, the UN32H6350, takes up $7 in terms of the estimated yearly energy cost based on a report from the Energy Guide. On the other end of the spectrum, the UN75H6350 has an estimated yearly energy cost of around $16.


The H6350 televisions are great mid-range solutions for those who do not want to completely blow out their budgets on buying a gaming TV. The lackluster black levels could simply be addressed by changing the brightness on a game by game basis. You can get a lot of value if you planning on using the “smart” features as well.

The cheapest unit can be purchased in a price range of less than a thousand while the bigger screens can cost several thousands. The prices fluctuates based on the age of the products as well as potential sales periods (such as Black Friday). You can find the current prices for all of the sizes right now on Amazon.

Samsung H6350


Gaming Features


Picture Quality




Other Elements



  • Plenty of inputs for all systems
  • Support for 120Hz
  • Impressive colors
  • Plenty of connectivity options with other devices


  • Lacking black levels
  • Non-ergonomic remote control
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