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Why Witcher 3 fans are angry over Collector’s Edition exclusives for Xbox One

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Witcher 3 fans are angry over the exclusives that were just announced for the Xbox One Collector’s Edition. A quick glance over at the Facebook comments showed that CD PROJEKT RED is getting a lot of hatred instead of delight.

Most of the sentiments are related to a prior statement made by Marcin Iwinski to Eurogamer about vowing not to deliver “exclusive content to any of the platforms.” The comments by the co-founder of CD PROJEKT RED were most likely referring to in-game content but some fans viewed it as applicable to physical content as well. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Collector’s Edition has a cloth map and two Gwent card decks on the Xbox One that are not found on the Playstation 4 and PC. So they viewed the announcement as hypocritical.

Other fans are also angry about the pricing. Even with the two bonus items, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Collector’s Edition costs the same on the Xbox One as it is on the Playstation 4 and PC. They feel that they should not be paying the same amount of cash to get less.

Of course, Microsoft has been in the middle of a firestorm of controversy lately over another exclusive announcement. A lot of people are still upset over Rise of the Tomb Raider becoming a holiday 2015 exclusive for the Xbox One. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Collector’s Edition exclusives should only draw more ire from fans of other platforms.

A few of the complainers are threatening to cancel their preorders for the videogame. Some others are calling out CD PROJEKT RED for aligning with Microsoft, expressing their disappointment with the company. CD PROJEKT RED has a huge fan base on the PC due to The Witcher originating on that platform. The company also owns GOG.com, a DRM-free distribution website. Of course, some fans never forgive Microsoft for trying to add DRM to the Xbox One before ultimately to opting remove the restrictions following a public outcry.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Collector’s Edition is releasing on the 24th of February in 2015. The videogame, which does not have any exclusives announced for any one platform so far, is also launching on the same day. CD PROJEKT RED seems to have a marketing partnership with Microsoft based on The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt being repeatedly showcased at the past several press conferences for the Xbox One.