Vita box art revealed for Psychedelica of The Black Butterfly

Amazon has put up the product page for Psychedelica of The Black Butterfly, revealing its box art. If you are interested, the latest visual novel Vita game from Aksys Games is available for preorder with this link from the shopping website. You can find the box art for Psychedelica of The Black Butterfly with the image located just below this paragraph.

You can also check out Amazon’s list of features for the visual novel below:

  • Choose Your Destiny – Follow the black butterflies as your choices unlock numerous story paths, a mansion full of intriguing characters, and a multitude of surprising endings.
  • Fantastical Artwork – Bright, psychedelic colors contrast with dark, muted tones, creating a surreal and highly unique atmosphere.
  • Hunt the Black Butterflies – Defeat the black butterflies with the help of your trusty sidearm to unlock special story segments.
  • An Unforgettable Adventure – A hauntingly beautiful, suspense-filled love story from Otomate (Idea Factory), makers of the finest visual novel/romance simulation adventures.

Psychedelica of The Black Butterfly will be released on the 27th of April in the North American region. So, if you are a fan of the genre, then you might want to take a look at the upcoming PlayStation Vita game.