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Suggestive themes and more detailed for Hakuoki: Edo Blossom

The Entertainment Software Rating Board has revealed its rating summary for Hakuoki: Edo Blossom. The visual novel ended up with a Mature Rating due to contents categorized as Blood, Strong Language, Suggestive Themes and Violence. You can find the full ESRB description of Edo Blossom below:

This is an interactive story game (i.e., visual novel) in which players assume the role of a girl searching for her father in 19th century Japan. Players progress through the story, interact with samurai and demon characters, and watch events as they unfold. Some events lead to sequences of violence; these still-frame scenes depict characters slashing each other with swords, and are sometimes accompanied by cries of pain and splashes of blood. Bloodstains are also depicted on characters’ bodies and clothing. Violence is sometimes described in the text (e.g., “Okita was struck in his bicep, and blood flowed freely from the wound, spilling onto the ground below.”).

The game includes some suggestive material in text (e.g., “He moved his hands nervously to the top of my blouse, taking his time to undo each of the buttons…”; “[A] figure of propriety and class, was the last person I’d ever expect to force himself onto me…”). The words “f**k” and “sh*t” appear in the dialogue.

If you are interested, you can preorder Hakuoki: Edo Blossoms, which is coming out in the spring of 2018, for the PlayStation Vita with this link on Amazon.