Steam Controller and Steam Link released in North America

Valve has released the Steam Controller and Steam Link in the North American region. If you are interested, you can purchase the two products with the following pages on Amazon: Steam Controller and Steam Link.

The gamepad comes with back grip buttons, dual-stage triggers, dual trackpads, HD haptic feedback along with fully customizable controls (you can share and/or download profiles from the Steam Community). According to the product’s listing from the aforementioned shopping website, the trackpads is advertised to provide “1:1 absolute position input” with the use of virtual controls for different setups such as a steering wheel or trackball. The triggers can be changed to analog, digital or both.Steam Controller 2The Steam Link gives you the opportunity to stream from your computer to the television set. The device works by sending video and audio data to your TV while the inputs from the controller is sent to the computer. Valve highly recommends using a wired connection to get the best quality.Steam Link 4If you would like to play PC games on your big-screened TV without having to directly hook it up, you might want to give the Steam Link a try. You should also take a look at the Steam Controller if you are also looking for a PC game pad.

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