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Rumored Street Fighter V details: roster size, stage effects, story mode and more


Several new rumors have popped up for the upcoming Street Fighter V, which you can preorder right now with this page on Amazon. The new round of whispers originated from YouTube video, which has now been set to private, of a French commentator in the fighting scene by the name of Ken Bogard talking about several features in the sequel.

A forum user from NEOGAF posted a translation of what he was saying. What’s so interesting is that Ken Bogard revealed that Street Fighter V is using the Unreal Engine 4 more than a week before Capcom officially confirmed the news. So his revelation may give more credence to other rumored tidbits.

Ken Bogard also mentioned that Capcom is going to be adding time and weather effects in the sequel while a new mechanic called the V-Trigger will allow you to change your fighting stance. The roster size for Street Fighter V may be limited to 16 as well with no Super Street Fighter 2X + EX style update being planned.

Last but not least, the commentator also explained the existence of a PC version. The reason why Capcom wanted to release the game on computer platforms is for countries such as Africa, Latin America and South Asia.

According to Amazon, Street Fighter V is targeting a release sometime in March of 2016.