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Rocksteady’s Guy Perkins talks about trying to top Asylum and City with Batman: Arkham Knight

batman_arkham_knight_Sshot078In a live stream of the Eurogamer Expo, Rocksteady’s Guy Perkins was questioned about trying to top both Arkham Asylum and Arkham City with Batman: Arkham Knight. He called the process a challenging as they always try to set an almost unattainable goal with production concepts for every new videogame they developed.

For Batman: Arkham Asylum, Rocksteady wanted to simply make a good superhero game, which was a big challenge if you considered the quality of past licensed releases. With Batman: Arkham City, the studio decide to expand the experience by adding an open-world, glide mechanics and addition of player’s choices.

With Batman: Arkham Knight being Rocksteady’s last game for the franchise, they decided to set some big goals. Gav Murphy said the Gotham City is a lot bigger when compared to the town in the second game. The team is also using the extra horsepower of being PC and next-gen exclusive to add in the Batmobile.

The rep concluded by saying that his company has a mountain to climb at the end of every project. Even so, they are willing to do as much as possible to please fans and gamers.

Arkham Knight is available on the 2nd of June next year. Click here to preorder the sequel right now with Amazon.