Release date revealed for Hyper Blaster and Racket Sports Set with Vive Trackers

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Amazon has put up listings for the Hyper Blaster with Vive Tracker and Racket Sports Set Vive Tracker, revealing the release date. According to the shopping website, the HTC Vive accessories will be released on the 12th of December in the North American region. If you are interested, you can preorder the two products with the following links: Hyper Blaster and Racket Sports Set.

You can also check out Amazon’s product descriptions and images for the two below:

Improve your aim and shoot like a true marksman in Duck Season – a classic game reimagined for modern VR that pairs perfectly with Blaster’s iconic, retro design. The Blaster features a mechanical trigger with a nostalgic click, two Grip buttons, two Menu buttons, and a single-function trackpad button. Attach your Vive Tracker to your Blaster and hit your target every time!

Never miss a serve with the Paddle and Racket handles for VIVE Tracker. VIVE Tracker attaches to the center of the rackets, with a slightly recessed design, that keeps an even weight balance no matter which way you hold the rackets. A rubberized grip ensures you’ll never slip up on a serve, and a lanyard keeps the rackets from flying away during intense competition.

So, if you have a HTC Vive, then you might want to check out the Hyper Blaster and/or Racket Sports Set.

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