PS4 file size revealed XCOM 2

XCOM2_Soldier-SniperThe PlayStation Store has updated its listings for XCOM 2, revealing the file size of the upcoming title. According to the product pages when viewed directly from the PS4, the standard digital version of the game is going to take up 20.4 GB of free space from the hard disk drive of the PlayStation 4 while the digital deluxe edition requires 21.66 GB.

Along with being available digitally, XCOM 2 is also being sold physically. If you are interested, you can preorder the disc release of the strategy game with this link on Amazon.

The aforementioned digital version comes with the main game along with the Reinforcement Pack. The extra DLC includes Anarchy’s Children themed solider customizations, Alien Hunter transformations, and Shen’s Last Gift mission. All of these add up to a bigger file size when compared to the standard version of the game.

XCOM 2 was first released for the PC on February 5, 2016. The game is a sequel to XCOM: Enemy Within as it takes place 20 years after the events of the prequel. It features a turn-based battle system where you control a team of soldiers to fight against aliens.

The software product, which was developed by Firaxis Games and published by 2K Games, is expected to come out for the PlayStation 4, as well as the Xbox One, on the 27th of September in the North American region.