PS4 download size revealed for .hack//G.U. Last Recode

The download size has been revealed for the PlayStation 4 version of .hack//G.U. Last Recode. When viewed directly on the PS4, the product page on the PlayStation Store shows that the remastered collection takes up 33.81 GB of free space from the hard disk drive.

In addition to a digital release, .hack//G.U. Last Recode is also available physically. If you are interested, you can preorder the disc version with this link from Amazon. You can also check out Amazon’s product description of the latest .hack videogame release below:

Log back into the .hack//G.U. trilogy and return to “The World,” as Haseo tracks down Tri-Edge in .hack//G.U. Last Recode, now with enhanced graphics, improved gameplay, and brand new modes! This collection includes all 3 original .hack//G.U. titles, Rebirth, Reminisce, and Redemption, all fully restored and remastered for PS4and PC. Immerse yourself in “The World,” a MMORPG, and find out what is real and what is reality in .hack//G.U.

Set in 2017, years after the events of the first .hack series, “The World” has now been rebuilt. Follow Haseo as logs into “The World” and hunts PKs (Player Killers), in order to gain strength and track down Tri-Edge, a strong PK who attacked his friend, Shino, in the game and put her into a coma in real life. Relive the drama and epic battles in 1080p and 60fps, and improved battle balance and pacing for the definitive .hack//G.U. experience.

.hack//G.U. Last Recode will be released on the 3rd of November in the North American region.

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