PS4 box arts revealed for Just Deal With It and Wordhunters

Amazon has put up listings for two upcoming PlayLink games, Just Deal With It and Wordhunters, revealing the box arts for both titles. If you are interested, you can preorder both with the following links: Just Deal With It and Wordhunters. You can find the box art, as well as Amazon’s features list, for the two PlayLink releases below:

  • Play five classic card games on mobile devices and your PS4 with Play Link; poker, blackjack, crazy eight, rummy and hearts
  • Team up and take down the competition or be cunning and take it all for yourself
  • Y with 2 – 10 players, in the same room or on-line
  • Team missions deliver a new layer to these classic games, collaborate with the rest of the team to complete missions within games
  • Be the best, climb the leaderboards, and win the big huge crown of victory!

  • 15 party word games suitable for the whole family!
  • Take Off to 20 global destinations from London to Tokyo and beyond!
  • Play in front of famous landmarks including the Eiffel Tower, Sydney Opera House, and Empire State Building!
  • Drop-in/ drop-out multiplayer for 2-6 wordhunters!
  • Easily change language within the game and practice your foreign vocabulary in French, Italian, German, and Spanish!

Just Deal With It and Wordhunters will be released on the 13th of November in the North American region.