Possible box art for Hitman

Amazon has updated the product page for Hitman, revealing what appears to be the box art for the videogame. If you are interested, you can preorder the 2016 reboot of the stealth-action game with this link from the aforementioned shopping website. Check out the cover from the PS4 version underneath this paragraph.Hitman ps4 box artHitman was officially unveiled at Sony’s press conference at E3 2015. The reboot features a more open-ended design when compared to the linear Blood Money. Square Enix decided on an unique release schedule as the game will launch with a starter pack with the rest arriving via DLC, which will be free. A similar strategy was used with the Nintendo Wii U exclusive shooter, Splatoon.

Hitman was initially slated to launch in late 2015. However, Square Enix opted to delay the reboot to give more time to IO Interactive in order to add more content to the base game. Thus, the new title will now be released on the 11th of March in 2016.

The PlayStation 4 version of Hitman will come with six exclusive. Gamers who preorder the reboot will get access to the beta on the PS4 as well. The same game is also coming out on the Xbox One and PC gaming platforms.

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