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Photo and details for the newly-released Final Fantasy Type-0 School Lapel Pin

A photo and some details have been listed by the official North American Square Enix Store for the newly-released Final Fantasy Type-0 School Lapel Pin. You can check out an image of the pin below this paragraph.

The Final¬†Fantasy Type-0 School Lapel Pin is made of 925 Silver with imitation gold plating. It measures at 1.34′ in width, 0.12′ in depth and H 1.10′ in height. The shape is based on the Rubrum’s Vermilion Bird crest that is worn by the Akademeia cadets in the videogame.

For the uninformed, the playable characters in Final Fantasy Type-0 train at Vermillion Peristylium. The location serves as a home base for players in between missions. You can breed Chocobos, level up your skills and abilities as well as find out more about the unique world.

The game is releasing later this month on the 17th. Square Enix ported the original PSP title to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with improved graphics as well as some gameplay tweaks. If you haven’t already, the HD remastered version is available for preorder with this page on Amazon.

If you are really into the Type-0, or the Final Fantasy series in general, then you may also want to check out the above-mentioned pricey Final Fantasy Type-0 School Lapel Pin.