PC port of Final Fantasy VII has music loop glitch on PS4

Final_Fantasy_VII_SCREENSHOT4The recently-released PC port of Final Fantasy VII for PlayStation 4 has a music loop glitch. The bug is activated when entering and exiting a battle. Instead of leaving off where it left off (like in the original PS1 version), the over world music will start right at the beginning every time. The glitch is especially noticeable during world map exploration.

A similar bug appeared in the PlayStation 4 port of Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster. It took several months for Square Enix to release a patch to fix that particular issue. Hopefully, the company won’t take as long to fix the music glitch in the PC port of Final Fantasy VII on PS4.

The port, which is available for download right now on the PlayStation Store, was announced around a year earlier at the PlayStation Experience 2014 press conference. The game features improved graphics in addition to adding cheats and trophy support.

Of course, Square Enix is also releasing a complete remake of Final Fantasy VII, which will come out first on the PlayStation 4. The product is expected to come out in episodic format. If you are interested, you can preorder the Final Fantasy VII Remake from Amazon with this link from the shopping website.

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