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Partial nudity, suggestive themes, violence and more detailed for Corpse Party: Blood Drive

Corpse Party Blood Drive Vita 5

The ESRB has revealed its rating description for the upcoming Corpse Party: Blood Drive. The sequel ended up with a Mature rating, which is the same rating as Corpse Party and Corpse Party: Book of Shadows.

The third installment includes scenes that have partial nudity where bodies are “partially obscured by lights, steam, and/or other body parts.” There are also some suggestive dialogue lines in addition to some curse words. You can read that part of the rating summary for the survival-horror adventure game below:

During the course of the game, a handful of sequences depict characters whose nude bodies are partially obscured by lights, steam, and/or other body parts. Some sequences are accompanied by suggestive dialogue (e.g.,“Not that I’d expect you to be too turned on by these raisins o’mine,’ ‘Hey, stop jiggling them,” ‘And where do you think you’re touching?! Those are my boobs!”). The words “f**k” and “sh*t” are heard in dialogue.

Of course, you can also expect plenty of blood and violence in the game. Gamers can expect plenty of violent acts shown via cut scenes and/or described in the text. You can check out the rest of the description for the Vita exclusive below:

This is a survival-horror adventure game in which players help students escape a haunted school. From an over-head perspective, players traverse environments, avoid monsters, and interact with various objects and characters. Cutscenes sometimes depict various acts of violence: a man stabbing himself with a knife; a character crucified and burned. Violence is also described in text (e.g., “She continued to hack at me, again and again. . . From behind me, I could hear the sound of blood gushing into the air from the gaping hole above my neck”). Blood is frequently depicted near corpses and when characters are injured.

Corpse Party: Blood Drive is the direct follow-up to the story that started in the original Corpse Party and continued in Book of Shadows. It mixes visual novel elements with survival-horror. If you are interested, you can preorder the Everafter Edition (which comes with a 2 CD soundtrack and official art book) of the sequel from Amazon with this link.

Blood Drive is coming out in North America on Oct. 13 for the PlayStation Vita handheld.