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Partial nudity, suggestive themes and more details listed for Xblaze Lost: Memories


The ESRB has revealed the rating for Xblaze Lost: Memories, which ended up with the same Mature tag as the first game in the series. The sequel, which you can preorder with this link on Amazon, includes content that contain blood, partial nudity, strong language, suggestive themes and violence.

Xblaze Lost: Memories comes with scenes featuring women in bikinis posing suggestively. There are also segments where females are almost topless, with steam, bright lights and other objects obscuring the offending parts. There are suggestive dialogue lines as well. Check out that part of the summary below:

The game also contains some suggestive material: bikini-clad women in suggestive poses (e.g., on knees, bending over); female characters nearly topless (e.g., steam, bright lights obscuring detail) or with their buttocks exposed; dialogue such as “Wait, why are you touching me there?” The word “f**k” can be heard in dialogue.

Lost: Memories can also be quite violent even though it is a visual novel. The game’s cut scenes show enemies being killed with swords while blood can be seen on clothing. Take a look at the rest of the description from the ESRB below:

This is an interactive story game (i.e., visual novel) in which players follow a character’s quest to regain lost memories. Still-frame cutscenes sometimes show characters attacking and killing enemies with swords and slashing attacks; blood is sometimes depicted staining characters’ clothing.

Xblaze Lost: Memories is releasing for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita later this year in North America.