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Partial nudity, suggestive themes and more detailed for PS4 and PC JRPG, Omega Quintet


The ESRB has rated the upcoming Omega Quintet for both the PlayStation 4 and PC. The JRPG has only been announced for Sony’s current-gen console so far. With that said, NIS America has been porting a lot of games to the PC lately; so it is not surprisingly that Omega Quintet is getting the same treatment. You can preorder the PS4 version on Amazon through this page.

The role-playing game ended up with a Teen rating. As you may expect from these types of titles, there are some suggestive materials as characters will be stripped down to their underwear from enemy attacks. Also included is a bathing scene where females are topless with only the steam covering up the egregious parts. Lastly, the dialogue uses from swear words in addition to references to alcohol. Read part of the description below:

The game contains some suggestive material: dialogue such as “Takt tried to sexually harass…”; “costume breaks” in which characters are left in their underwear after taking damage; a bath scene depicting several characters topless, with steam covering their breasts. A handful of scenes describe and depict drunken characters: “…Could you not spread your alcoholic breath around first thing in the morning?” and “Ugh, you reek of alcohol.” The words “sh*t,” “a*shole,” and “b*tch” appear in dialogue.

In terms of violence, there is nothing in Omega Quintet that the ESRB could find that makes it unsuitable for younger audiences. You will get to use a variety of weapons in order to defeat enemies in the JRPG. Check out the rest of the description below:

This is a role-playing game in which players assume the roles of warriors battling an evil force. Characters use “weapons of sound” to defeat monsters in turn-based combat. Battles are depicted from several angles, with fighters using guns, axes, and staff-like weapons to deplete enemies’ life meters/hit points. Combat is highlighted by frequent yells and impact sounds.

Omega Quintet will be released for the PlayStation 4 on the 28th of April. The launch time frame for the PC version is currently unknown.