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Pack shot revealed for Nyko’s 3.5-inch HDD PS4 Data Bank expansion

The pack shot has been revealed, via a listing update from Amazon, for the upcoming PS4 3.5-inch HDD compatible Data Bank accessory from Nyko. If you are interested, the product can be preordered from Amazon with this page. You can find the pack shot located underneath this paragraph.

If you have not read our previous stories, the Data Bank is designed to replace the default HDD cover of the PlayStation 4, giving gamers more space so that they can now add compatible 3.5-inch hard disk drives to the current-gen consoles. Previously, the PS4 can only support 2.5-inch hard drives.

Sony included a 500 GB HDD with every PlayStation 4 unit sold. However, gamers are quickly finding out that they need more free space due to larger games, big patch updates and a huge amount of DLC packs. Not to mention that PlayStation Plus subscribers can download full access to games on a monthly basis, which will quickly eat up at any of the extra spaces left on the default hard drive.

The 3.5-inch HDD PS4 Data Bank expansion from Nyko is expected to come out later this month in North America. If you are thinking about replacing the hard drive of your PlayStation 4, you may want to check the upcoming accessory out.