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Officially-licensed Hori Full HD Monitor for PlayStation 4 gets U.K. release date and packaging

New details are now available for the U.K. release of the Hori Full HD Monitor for PlayStation 4, thanks to an update from Amazon.co.uk. For the uninformed, the small monitor attaches to the back end of the console. It is coming out in the U.K. on the 19th of December. Check out the packaging of the product below this paragraph.

The Hori Full HD Monitor is advertised to provide “HD quality display” that is officially licensed by Sony. It comes with audio made for both speakers and headphones. Last but not least, the monitor is designed to fit with the PlayStation 4 while being “compact and portable” at the same time.

We have not found any evidence that the same item is coming to the United States. However, Hori did release a LCD Monitor for the PlayStation 3, which you can check out on Amazon with this link, in the same region. With the PlayStation 4 selling well, don’t be surprised to see the Hori Full HD Monitor would eventually come out in the U.S. too.