More details listed for the Hori Fighting Stick Mini 4

HORI Fighting Stick Mini 4 2More details have been listed by the Play Asia shopping website for the upcoming Hori Fighting Stick Mini 4. Although it is small in size, the stick provides enough space for gamers to rest their wrists, adding more comfort during longer play session.

The product will also retain the rapid fire functionality as any of the buttons presses can be set to be as fast as 20 per second. Alternatively, you can also set the button so that it appears to be held down. Along with arcade shooters and fighters, the stick can also be used in other genres. You can find the full details listed by Play Asia on the upcoming product below:

It’s tiny, it’s convenient for storing, and it improves your performance by several fold. Immense fun truly comes in small packages. The newest Hori control sticks are smaller than a B5 notebook, but offers the full set of buttons and joysticks of a proper arcade controller. The board even provides a bit of space for the gamer to rest their wrists, thus increasing their stamina. The rapid fire functions are fully intact, the gamer can set it to fire 20 bullets per second or hold down the firing command during their games. Besides shooting and fighting, the controller is also compatible with a vast a array of game genres.

In North America, the Hori Fighting Stick Mini 4 will be released on the 14th of November. In addition to Play Asia, you can also preorder the accessory on Amazon with this link.

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