Mega Man: Official Complete Works gets cover, release date and other details

Amazon has put up the product page for Mega Man: Official Complete Works, revealing a few details. If you are interested, you can preorder the official art book for the series via this link from the online retailer. You can also find the front cover of the book, which is being published by Udon Entertainment with an ISBN-10 of 1772940747 in addition to an ISBN-13 of 978-1772940749, with the image located just below this paragraph.

You can also find Amazon’s product description of Mega Man: Official Complete Works below:

With over 100 video games to his name, Mega Man is one of the most recognizable icons of gaming.

Mega Man: Official Complete Works showcases 30 years of artwork from this classic series, featuring character designs, box art, promo art and many rarely seen art pieces. Fan favorites Proto Man, Bass & Treble, Rush, Dr. Wily, tons of robot baddies, and of course the blue bomber himself are all packed into this prestigious collection.

Mega Man: Official Complete Works will be released on the 16th of October in the North American region. So, if you are a fan of the series, then you might want to check out official art book when it comes out sometime later this year.