Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Original Game Soundtrack now available

In addition to the videogame, the official soundtrack of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is now available in the North American region. If you are interested, the digital album of the album for the turn-based strategy title is available for purchase with this link on Amazon. You can either buy individual songs or the entire album. You can check out its cover with the image placed directly below this paragraph.

You can also find the full track listing below (please beware that there could be some minor spoilers):

  1. Two Worlds Collide
  2. The Adventure Begins
  3. Grand Opening
  4. Sunny Side Up
  5. Ziggies!
  6. A Towering View
  7. The Waterfall Puzzle
  8. Ancient Gardens
  9. Through the Lawns
  10. Hoppers!
  11. Mystic Battle
  12. Mystic Journey
  13. Mid Boss Mayhem
  14. At the Tower’s Feet
  15. Huggers!
  16. Tower Tweeter
  17. Tower’s Puzzle
  18. Tower Trouble
  19. Rabbid Kong Rumpus
  20. Rabbid Kong Rumble
  21. A Song of Ice and Desert
  22. In the Heat of the Battle
  23. Hot Start, Cold Finish
  24. Cold Start, Hot Finish
  25. In the Cold of the Battle
  26. Icicle Golem Freeze
  27. Icicle Golem Fracas
  28. Icicle Golem Finale
  29. Abbey Ruins
  30. Spooky Skirmish
  31. Spooky Village
  32. The Swamp Battle
  33. Lost in the Swamp
  34. Combat in the Cemetery
  35. A Stroll in the Cemetery
  36. The Phantom of the Bwahpera, Act 1
  37. Phantom’s Phenomena
  38. Phantom’s Crescendo
  39. The Phantom of the Bwahpera, Act 3
  40. Phantom’s Phortissimo
  41. Into the Pit
  42. Fahrenheit Forge
  43. Exploring the Mine
  44. Heart of Darkness
  45. Steamed up in the Factory
  46. Bwa Enemies!
  47. Beware Bowser’s Base
  48. The Lava Forge
  49. Bowser Begins
  50. Bowser Returns
  51. Bowser Bows Out

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Original Game Soundtrack was released on the 29th of August in North America.