A look at the Starcraft: Frontline manga

Amazon has put up listings for the Starcraft: Frontline, revealing the covers as well as other details.

The first volume features the following chapters: Why We Fight, Thundergod, Weapon of War and Heavy Armor Part 1. If you are interested, you can preorder Starcraft: Frontline Vol. 1 with this link from the online retailer. You can also take a look at the cover, as well as the product description, of the first volume of the gaming based manga below:

Why We Fight
In this profoundly moving introduction to the Starcraft universe, the three species in Starcraft are examined–and what drives their war for survival will shock and awe.

In a story by Richard Knaak, a Thor driver’s ego leads him and two partners to try to pull off a heist in the middle of a war zone.

Weapon of War
A psionic six-year-old boy is at the center of a conflict between a Terran mining colony and the Zerg.

Heavy Armor
A Viking pilot must battle his mentor–for the lives of an entire colony.

The second volume has the following chapters: Heavy Armor Part 2, Creep, Newsworthy and A Ghost Story. You can preorder Vol. 2, if you are interested, with this page. You can take a look at the cover, as well the descriptions of the included stories, below:

Heavy Armor – Part 2
The adrenaline pumping firefight between mentor and protégé escalates to a fierce climax. Will the young Viking pilot outwit the man who taught him everything or will the teacher remain the undisputed master of heavy armor–and doom a colony?

Feared by all and understood by none, Zerg creep finally comes under the knife in the laboratory of Protoss scientists. But instead of shedding light on the bizarre bio-matter, the scientists spiral into a psychologically disturbing nightmarish struggle against a completely unknown foe.

A pro-Dominion reporter lands a rare exclusive; an embedded mission with Terran marines. Every good reporter tells both sides of the story, but when she comes face-to-face with atrocity can she handle the truth, much less report it?

A Ghost Story
Sterilized by war, a rocky planet’s bounty and dark secrets have remained safely hidden…until a Kel-Morian Combine crew catches wind of it, hoping to strike big. There’s just one problem–the planet seems to be haunted by a terror from its past.

Starcraft: Frontline Volume 1 and 2 will be released on the 11th of April in the North American region.