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A look at the No Man’s Sky pin badge and poster from Mighty Ape

Mighty Ape has put up a product page for No Man’s Sky, providing a look at its exclusive pin badge and poster bonuses. You can check out some images featuring the extra items below this paragraph.

Along with the pin badge and poster, Mighty Ape’s exclusive preorder offer for the videogame also includes two in-game extras: an upgraded Rezosu Z65 Multi-tool as well as 10,000 unit starting boost.

No Man’s Sky is being developed by Hello Games, a small development team that previously worked on Joe Danger and Joe Danger 2: The Movie. The new project was first introduced at the VGX award show in late 2013.

For the uninformed, No Man’s Sky is an open-world adventure game that takes place in the first-person perspective. Gamers will be able to explore countless planets in a procedurally-generated galaxy. The aforementioned multi-tool can be used to scan objects, collect items and attack enemies. Players can traverse between planets via their own spaceship.

No Man’s Sky will be released in the North American region on the 21st of June. American gamers can preorder the PlayStation 4 version of the game (although it won’t come with any of the aforementioned extras from the Mighty Ape New Zealand retailer) on Amazon.com with this link.