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A look at the KontrolFreek Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Inferno Performance Thumbsticks

Amazon has put up a product page for the new Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Inferno Performance Thumbsticks, revealing several details. If you are interested, the KontrolFreek accessory is available for purchase with this link from the online retailer. You can also take a look at what the thumbsticks look like with the image located just below this paragraph.

The product is designed to add more height to the analogs of the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, which should give you more range of motion that will lead to better accuracy. You can find Amazon’s product description of the Inferno Performance Thumbsticks below:

Inferno’s 10.1mm of added height increases the analog stick radial distance by 47%, which provides a range of motion increase of 135.5%. This gives you the ability to make smaller, more precise in-game movements, affording you the luxury of turning up controller sensitivities to maximum levels so you can turn on your opponents faster and gain the upper-hand.

  • Increases KDR 26% on average
  • Sharp design laser-etched for exceptional grip
  • High-rise stick improves accuracy and aim
  • Extra wide low-rise stick increases comfort and control
  • Fits the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

So, if you are looking to become more accurate, then you might want to check out the KontrolFreek Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Inferno Performance Thumbsticks.