A look at the Hori Pikachu Plush Pouch for New Nintendo 3DS XL

Amazon has put up a listing for the Hori Pikachu New Nintendo 3DS XL Plush Pouch, revealing several details and images. If you are interested, you can preorder the carrying case for the dual-screen handheld with this link from the aforementioned shopping website. You can also check out what the Hori Pikachu Plush Pouch looks like with the image located just below this paragraph (more photos can be viewed on the aforementioned listing).

As you can see above, the pouch is based on the popular electric pocket monster. In addition to the aforementioned New Nintendo 3DS XL, the shoulder bag can also hold a regular Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo DS. There is also an inner pocket to store smaller items such as game cards, cables, ear phones and even your cell phone. You can check out the full product description of the plush pouch below:

This fuzzy full body pouch shows off Pikachu in all his electrifying glory! This shoulder bag style pouch can hold any New Nintendo 3DS XL, 3DS, or DS system along with your other belongings, and features a soft inner lining which protects your system from scratches and wear. Also includes an inner pocket to store additional items such as your cell phone, game cards, cables, or earphones. Sling over your shoulder and carry Pikachu wherever you go! Officially licensed by Nintendo and Pokemon.

The Hori Pikachu Plush Pouch for New Nintendo 3DS XL is releasing on the 27th of April in North America.