A look at the Dreamgear Nintendo Switch Starter Kit

Amazon has put up a listing for the Dreamgear Nintendo Switch Starter Kit, revealing several details and images. If you are interested, the accessory bundle is available for purchase with this link from the shopping website. You can also check out what the starter kit for the Switch looks like via the image located just below this paragraph (you can see more photos in the aforementioned retail listing).

The Dreamgear Nintendo Switch Starter Kit comes with a comfort grip, dual USB car charger, screen protector, ear buds and Joy Con grips. You can check out Amazon’s full list of features for the kit below:

  • The Ergonomic Comfort Grip gives your system armor as well as an ergonomic grip for comfortable extended play, plus a padded & zippered Travel Case for full protection of your new Switch while on the go or just for system storage
  • The kit also comes with a Dual USB car charger – charge two devices simultaneously while on long trips – plus an extra Type C USB charge/play cable that plugs into any USB charging adapter. Don’t let your power run out, play on!
  • The screen protector is easily applied and seals against screen smudges or scratches without affecting game play. Protect your system with complete protection, no more worries!
  • Immerse yourself in the game with the included high quality, bass thumping, earbuds. Made with flat tangle resistant cable and oversized drivers to add depth and full immersion to your game play. Without the sound, you’re playin’ half the game!
  • Finally, the kit includes Joy Con grips that add ribbed caps to your switch analog controllers. Extra grip for improved accuracy, even in the heat of battle!

The Dreamgear Nintendo Switch Starter Kit is available right now in North America.