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Latest direct-feed Final Fantasy XV screenshots showcase Behemoth encounter and roadblock fight

Square Enix has released more direct-feed Final Fantasy XV screenshots. The latest set showcases an encounter with the intimidating Behemoth monster in addition to a roadblock fight. You can preorder the newest Final Fantasy installment from Amazon with this link. The screenshots are located below this paragraph.

Final Fantasy XV uses a somewhat unique Active Cross Battle system where combat takes place on the same field without any sort of screen transition. While you can only control Noctis, you can also send commands to other party members on your team. There is also a contextual cover system for you to avoid enemy attacks in order to heal up.

You will be able to get a taste of the battle system in the near future as a voucher containing a playable demo of Final Fantasy XV is being packed into the collector’s edition and first print copies of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.

While the Final Fantasy XV release date has not yet been announced, some fans are optimistic that it may be coming out before the end of 2015. Square Enix is hoping for a simultaneous worldwide release for the product so that western gamers won’t have to wait several months after the Japanese launch.