Info on the Hyperkin Polygon “The Rook” Travel Carrying Case for PS4

In addition to the Xbox One, Hyperkin has also recently released a PlayStation 4 carrying case. You can buy the Polygon “The Rook” Travel Carrying Case for Sony’s current-gen console right now with this link on Amazon. A photo of the third-party product is also embedded below this paragraph.

The Hyperkin Polygon “The Rook” Travel Carrying Case for PS4 comes with extra padding to be more protective of the system against any potential bumps during transportation. It also has several “modular compartments” to hold the DualShock 4 controllers, cables, up to six game discs along with anything else that you wish to pack in. To keep the content from falling out, the bag uses “two heavy duty clips and Velcro” to hold everything in. Last but not least, you can also adjust the shoulder strap, which is four feet long.

The PS4 Travel Carrying Case is worth taking a look if you are planning to bring the console with you during your travels.

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