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Images revealed for Numbskull’s officially-licensed PS4 card holder and PS1 wallets

Amazon.de has listed several new officially-licensed merchandise for the PlayStation brand. The latest products from Numbskull includes a card holder based on the system design of the PS4 in addition to some wallets that have PS1 flavors. Check out the images of the new PlayStation merchandise below this paragraph.

The PS4 card holder lets you hold several gift cards, including PSN cards. One of the above wallets uses the directional pad on one side and the face buttons on the other. On the inside is the Select and Start buttons along with the old school multi-colored PS logo. Last but not least, the predominantly black wallet shows the top of the PS1 system on the front side as well as the bottom portion on the back. All three products are being made available on February 20.

Sony recently got done celebrating the 20th Anniversary. As part of their celebration, the company released a limited amount of PlayStation 4 consoles that are designed to look like the very first PlayStation. Only 12,300 units have been manufactured, each of which has been individually numbered. As you may expect, finding one is extremely hard and expensive due to scalpers getting their hands of the limited edition product. Hopefully, the above-mentioned products won’t be as limited.