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GameStop selling standalone Dark Souls 3 Lord of Cinder Statue, reveals more photos

GameStop has put up a listing for the standalone Dark Souls 3 Lord of Cinder Statue, revealing additional photos of the impressive looking item. The product was previously exclusive to the Europe-only Prestige Edition of the game. According to GameStop’s product page, however, American gamers can now purchase the statue individual exclusively at the retailer in the United States. You can check out the new photos of the Lord of Cinder Statue with our media gallery located below this paragraph.

The statue is crafted out of polystone resin and painted by hand. It stands at a impressive 16-inches tall. So, if you are a big Dark Souls fan and don’t mind the high price tag, you might want to check out the standalone Dark Souls 3 Lord of Cinder Statue when it is made available on April 24th.

The latest Dark Souls videogame combines elements from the previous installments (such as the faster movement speed from Bloodborne and magic meter from Demon’s Souls) while adding some unique twists (a la weapon arts).

Banda Namco Games will be releasing Dark Souls 3 on the 12th of April in the North American region for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms. The game has been available in Japan since the 24th of March. You can preorder the third main installment of the Dark Souls series with this link on Amazon.