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Full Size Replica of Sora’s Kingdom Key Keyblade gets release date

Amazon has put up the product page for the Full Size Replica of Sora’s Kingdom Key Keyblade, revealing a release date. According to the listing, the PDP Disney Kingdom Hearts Collectible will be coming out on the 15th of October in the North American region. If you are interested, you can preorder the replica with this link from the online retailer.

You can also check out an image of the Sora’s Kingdom Key Keyblade (more photos can be found in the aforementioned listing), as well as Amazon’s product description and features list, below:

As the most iconic Keyblade in the Kingdom Hearts series, the kingdom key is a powerful weapon from the realm of light that Sora wields during his adventures. From its gGold hilt to its detailed crown blade, the kingdom key is a prop replica made from sturdy foam and plastic. Start your adventure on destiny islands and battle the heartless to restore light back to each world. This prop replica is perfect for kingdom Hearts fans (ages 10 and older).

  • Officially licensed by Disney, the Kingdom Key is a replica of the powerful weapon from the Realm of Light that Sora wields during his adventures
  • Incredibly detailed gold hilt to its intricate crown blade
  • At just over 35 inches tall, the Kingdom Key crown blade is made from sturdy EVA foam
  • Includes detachable chain with Mickey medallion
  • Designed for Kingdom Hearts fans ages 10 and older
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