First screenshots of Survive, a new survival-horror game for PlayStation 4 and PC

The first screenshots are available for Survive, a new survival-horror videogame for PlayStation 4 and PC. In the upcoming game, you get to explore “an unlimited procedural world” to find food and weapons in order to survive a zombie apocalypse. Check out the first screens below this paragraph.

Survive is being developed by David Tse and his studio at Subsurface Games. The project is currently in need of additional funding on Kickstarter. You can check out the page for the videogame with this link. Among the features being planned include co-op, crafting, dynamic building, dynamic barricading, dynamic story, multiplayer, survivors non-playable characters, traps and vehicles.

Survive is going to be developed for PC first with ports being planned for the Mac, Linux and PlayStation 4 based on the amount of funding received.

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