First details revealed for Tomb Raider Archives Volume 1

Amazon has put up the product page for Tomb Raider Archives Volume 1, revealing the first details. The 408-page book, which is available for purchase with this link, is being published by Dark Horse Books with an ISBN-10 of 1506703321 and an ISBN-13 of 978-1506703329. You can check out the cover of the first volume of the collection below this paragraph.Tomb Raider Archives Volume 1Tomb Raider Archives Volume 1 comes with the first 15 issues of the 1999 Top Cow Tomb Raider series. You can find Amazon’s product description of the hardcover book below:

There’s only one woman capable of tracking down the world’s rarest artifacts: Lara Croft. Armed with her iconic twin pistols, and aided by roguish playboy Chase Carver and her buttoned-up assistant Madeline Hovan, Lara crisscrosses the globe in search of adventure. Join Lara as she fights against a shadowy organization intent on her destruction, faces the ultimate betrayal, and uncovers legendary treasures.

This deluxe hardcover collects issues #1-#15 of the 1999 Top Cow Tomb Raider series and features the art of superstar artists Michael Turner, Marc Silvestri, David Finch, Andy Park and many more, all in an oversized format.

Tomb Raider Archives Volume 1 is available right now in the North American region. So, if you are a fan of the action-adventure franchise, you might want to check out this comic collection.