First details revealed for the Hyrule Warriors Legends Collector’s Edition Strategy Guide

3DS_HyruleWarriorsLegends_scrn02_E3The first details have been revealed by Amazon for the collector’s edition strategy guide of the upcoming Hyrule Warriors Legends. The hardcover book, which has 336 pages, is tagged with an ISBN-10 of 0744017114 as well as an ISBN-13 of 978-0744017113. If you are interested, you can preorder the latest guide by Prima Games from the aforementioned shopping website with this link.

The new guide will cover all of the new content being added to the Nintendo 3DS port. It will also reveal the best way to defeat the swarm of enemies (a bestiary that highlights their weaknesses is included as well) in addition to capturing territory. Customers who are buying the physical release will also get the digital eGuide version of the book, which is made for use with second screens (such as smart phones and tablets). The Hyrule Warriors Legends Collector’s Edition Strategy Guide will only be printed once.

For the uninformed, the upcoming 3DS game adds two story chapters in addition to King Daphnes Nohansen Hyrule, Linkle, Skull Kid, Tetra and Toon Link as playable characters. So, if you are planning to accomplish everything in the upcoming game and/or a Zelda collector, you should check out the Hyrule Warriors Legends Collector’s Edition Strategy Guide when it is made available on March 25th.

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