First details and images for the officially licensed Thrustmaster Y-300X Xbox One Gaming Headset

Thrustmaster has revealed the first details and images for their upcoming Xbox One gaming headset, the Y-300X. You can check out some photos of the latest product from the company with the media gallery underneath this paragraph.

The headset is equipped with 60 mm drivers along with “unique earpieces” that have been designed to provide “electro-acoustic bass amplification.” The included microphone is also unidirectional. You can check out the first part of the product description below:

Thrustmaster’s development teams are now offering Xbox One users a high-performance, next-generation gaming headset. With its powerful 60 mm drivers, the Y-300X delivers crystal-clear sound along with super-amplified bass frequencies, creating an incomparable audio soundscape. This headset also features unique earpieces, designed for electro-acoustic bass amplification.

Its well-balanced frequency response curve guarantees extreme audio fidelity, optimized for the gaming experience. Players will benefit from unrivalled immersion and enhanced realism, allowing them to increase their in-game reactivity and performance. The microphone’s quality is on par with the headset’s audio performance; the unidirectional device is designed to target the gamer’s voice, ensuring clear and efficient communications. It is also detachable and adjustable, and therefore can be adapted to every player’s head size and shape.

The Thrustmaster Y-300X Xbox One Gaming Headset should also feel comfortable thanks to the memory foam. It uses a 3.5 mm jack connector, so you will need a headset adapter if you have the older version of the Xbox One Wireless Controller:

Thrustmaster’s unique range of Y Gaming Headsets features large earpieces, ensuring ideal passive isolation. The headband and ear cups are covered in 100% memory foam, offering exceptional comfort, even during the longest gaming sessions.

The Y-300X gaming headset is fully Plug and Play when connected to the Xbox One console, and operates with Xbox One gamepads featuring a 3.5 mm jack connector. It is also compatible with smartphones and tablets.

The Y-300X will be released later this month in Europe.

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