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File size revealed for Lapis x Labyrinth on the Nintendo Switch

The file size has been revealed for the Nintendo Switch version of Lapis x Labyrinth. When viewed directly on the system, its listing on the eShop shows that the 2D action role-playing game will take up 714 MB of free space.

In addition to being a digital download, Lapis x Labyrinth is also getting a limited edition physical release, which you can pre-order with this link on Amazon. you can also check out Amaozn’s list of features for the game below:

  • The Power of Dango – Select between 8 unique character classes to build your party, from the mighty Destroyer to the swift Hunter. Stack up to 4 characters and swap between them to unleash different attacks, or make a united assault against your enemies!
  • FEVER TIME – Rack up the points and stack up the riches by unleashing Fever Mode. Defeat enough enemies to activate a special mode that rains pain upon your foes and showers you with tons of loot. This contributes to your score at the end of each level, which results in even MORE rewards! Huzzah!
  • What’s Reward Without Risk? Powerful fiends and hordes of ferocious creatures stand between you and the treasure. With over 100 different monsters lurking within the labyrinth, you’ll have your work cut out for you!
  • Enjoy English text and original Japanese voices.
  • Nintendo Switch Limited Edition XL includes SWITCH Game, art book, soundtrack, poster, mini art print, collector’s box.

Lapis x Labyrinth is coming out on May 28, 2019, in the U.S. region.