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Far Cry 4 gets screenshots featuring factions, game modes and more

New screenshots, showcasing the multiplayer, are now available for Far Cry 4. Gamers can play as two factions: the mythical-based Rakshasa (who has some crazy abilities like being able to disappear and summon animals) and the Golden Path (a more traditional technology-based group). The game modes are Demon Mask, Outpost and Propaganda, which are similar to the Capture the Flag, King of the Hill along with the Search and Destroy match types found in other first-person shooters. Preorder the video game right now with this link on Amazon. The new screens are located below this paragraph.

Being a cross-gen release, Far Cry 4 is coming the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC on the 18th of November. On the PS4 and PS3, gamers can get the Keys to Kyrat DLC, which let them give to friends (who don’t own the game) free access to play co-op.