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Fantasy violence, mild blood and mild language detailed for Touhou Double Focus

The Entertainment Software Rating Board has revealed its rating summary for Touhou Double Focus. The PlayStation 4 action game ended up with a Teen rating due to fantasy violence, mild blood and mild language. You can check out the full description of the latest Touhou title below:

This is an action game in which players control a group of fighters as they explore platform environments in a fantasy world. As players traverse platforms, they must avoid hazards and battle a variety of creatures (i.e., fairies, demons) using swords and magic attacks (e.g., fiery blasts, balls of energy). Enemies generally fall to the ground and/or disappear into bursts of light when defeated.

The game depicts images of blood associated with violent acts: a fairy in a bloodstained white dress dragging a bloody sword; a fairy wearing a hockey mask, wielding a bloody knife behind two other fairies. The word “a*s” appears in the dialogue.

For the uninformed, Touhou Double Focus is included with the physical version of Touhou Genso Wanderer. The bundle comes with a code to redeem for the digital version of Double Focus on the PlayStation Store. If you are interested, you can preorder the physical PS4 version of Touhou Genso Wanderer with this link on Amazon.