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It’s no Fallout 4 but the upcoming Fallout: Vault Boy plushie is still pretty damn cool

No, Fallout 4 won’t be coming out anytime soon. If fans want something they can hold onto while crying for a sequel, they can get the Fallout: Vault Boy plushie. The one-foot tall product is made of high-quality cloth materials on the outside. You can also adjust internal skeleton to change the pose for Vault Boy if you don’t like his iconic thumbs up position. Preoder the plushie right now on Amazon. The Fallout: Vault Boy plushie is available on the 15th of October.

Vault Boy became somewhat of a mascot for the franchise in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas; so, he is likely to appear again for Fallout 4, whenever that videogame comes out. While Bethesda has been uncooperative, we do know the sequel exists thanks to a leaked voice casting document. It is supposedly set in Boston and other portions of Massachusetts with gamers taking control of an ex-Army vet who has a wife and infant son.