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ESRB explains its Mature rating for Gun Gun Pixies

The Entertainment Software Rating Board has revealed its summary for Gun Gun Pixies. The adventure/visual novel videogame ended up with a Mature rating due to contents categorized as Fantasy Violence, Partial Nudity and Sexual Themes. You can check out the full ESRB description for the upcoming Nintendo Switch game below:

This is an adventure/visual novel game in which players control tiny pixie characters as they shoot giant humans with Happy Bullets (flashes of light). From a third-person perspective, players navigate around the large female characters and shoot their body parts in order to fill endorphin gauges. Players can shoot characters’ breasts, buttocks, and pelvic regions, causing the giant humans to moan suggestively; the human characters are often depicted in sexually suggestive poses (e.g., on hands and knees, on their backs with legs spread). Some sequences allow players to shoot partially nude humans in a bathtub (nipples and genitalia obscured by bubbles). An in-game gallery depicts pixie characters with pasties covering their nipples and/or pelvic regions.

If you are interested and haven’t done so already, you can pre-order the physical version of Gun Gun Pixies with this link on Amazon. The upcoming game was published by PQube in addition to being developed by Idea Factory, COMPILE HEART and Shade Inc.

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