ESRB details the blood, strong language and violence contents in Battlefield 1

Battlefield_1_EA_PLAY_06_HORSES_WMThe Entertainment Software Rating Board has revealed its rating summary for the upcoming Battlefield 1. Just like the previous Battlefield installments, the new release ended up with a Mature rating. It got tagged with having blood, strong language and violence. You can find the full rating description of Battlefield 1 below:

This is a first-person shooter set in various locations during World War I. As players progress through the storyline, they assume the roles of fighter pilot, armor crewman, rebel fighter, and message runner in order to complete missions. Characters use rifles, pistols, machine guns, and grenades to kill enemy soldiers in frenetic, realistic combat. Battles are highlighted by frequent gunfire, cries of pain, and explosions. Some sequences depict enemies wielding flamethrowers; soldiers can be heard screaming while engulfed in flames. Players can also use knives or bayonets to stab enemies in stealth attacks. Splashes of blood can be seen when enemies are hit; one sequence depicts blood and corpses on a beach after a battle. The word “f**k” appears in the dialogue.

The Early Enlister Deluxe Edition and Collector’s Editions of Battlefield 1 will be released on the 18th of October while the Standard Edition is coming out on the 21st of October. If you are interested, you can preorder the latest Battlefield game with this link on Amazon.