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Dreamgear hand grip, screen protector and chargers released for New Nintendo 3DS XL

A new set of Dreamgear accessories has been released for the new Nintendo 3DS XL. The most notable product is the Comfort Grip Protection, which gives you a better grip of the handheld system in addition to protecting it from small bumps. You can find a pic of the product located below this paragraph.Dreamgear-Comfort-Grip-Protection-New-Nintendo-3DS-XL-3Also available are the Screen Protector Pack, USB AC Adapter and USB Car Charger. The screen protector is compatible with the regular 3DS XL as well as the New Nintendo 3DS XL. The chargers can also be used for the 2DS, regular 3DS XL, 3DS, DSi XL, DSi in addition to the New 3DS XL. If you are interested, you can order any of the four Dreamgear accessories with the following links on Amazon: Comfort Grip Protection, Screen Protector Pack, USB AC Adapter and USB Car Charger.

Nintendo launched the New Nintendo 3DS XL earlier this year on the 13th of February with games such as Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D.

The New Nintendo 3DS XL comes with slight hardware improvements, including native support for Amiibo figures in addition to faster loading. In fact, the newly-available Xenoblade Chronicles 3D can only be played with the new hardware revision.