Download size revealed for Knowledge is Power

The download size has been revealed for the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive title, Knowledge is Power. When viewed directly on the PS4, the product page on the PlayStation Store reveals that the quiz game show it will take up 2.91 GB from the hard disk drive of the home console.

Knowledge is Power is also available physically. You can preorder the disc version of the PlayLink release with this link on Amazon. You can also check out Amazon’s list of features below:

  • Claim your fame in a sparkling PS4 exclusive game show quiz from the growing PlayLink range.
  • Don’t worry about your Dualshock 4 wireless controller – simply grab your smart device, choose from one of eight characters and snap a selfie, then enter the Pyramid of Knowledge, where you and up to five friends answer a variety of themed questions in a madcap race to its summit.
  • Whether you choose Hotdog Guy, Glam Wizard, Cowgirl or any of the other zany personalities, it’s up to you to beat your friends by answering questions quicker than them. Need an ace up your sleeve?
  • Throw in a Power Play to slow down your pals, forcing them to tap through ice or rub away gunk before they can answer.
  • With touch screen challenges, the ability to plot with other contestants to bring down your rivals, and a rapid-fire Grand Finale, game show glory is in your hands.

Knowledge is Power will be released on the 24th of October in North America.