Details revealed NeoGeo Mini HD Screen Protector and Character Stickers Set

Amazon has put up product pages for two new official accessories for the NeoGeo Mini. If you are interested, you can preorder both products with the following links: HD Screen Protector and Character Stickers Set. You can also check out images of the two located just below this paragraph (additional photos can be found in the aforementioned listings).

The NeoGeo Mini HD Screen Protector is designed to protect the screen of the miniature console while the NeoGeo Mini Character Stickers Set lets you customize the look of the system. You can find Amazon’s list of features for the two below:

  • 3.5 inches per sheet
  • 2 protective sheets for both front and back.
  • NEOGEO logo marked on stickers’ label.

  • 4 stickers per package
  • SNK characters bring your childhood memories!
  • Personalized your NEOGEO mini

Both the HD Screen Protector and Character Stickers Set will be coming out on the 15th of October in the North American region. This is the same day as the launch of the mini console. If you are interested and haven’t done so already, you can preorder the NeoGeo Mini with this link. The system comes pre-installed with 40 games, including titles from the Metal Slug and The King of Fighters series.