Details revealed for the third-party Labo Cardboard Guitar Kit

Amazon has put up the product page for the third-party Labo Cardboard Guitar Kit, revealing several images and details. If you are interested, the bundle is available for preorder with this link from the shopping website. You can also check out an image of the Labo Cardboard Guitar Kit (more photos can be found in the aforementioned listing), as well as a list of features from Amazon, below:

  • Make your very own Guitar suit: fold engineered, pre-cut cardboard and add your Switch and joy-con then it will become a Guitar! Bring this Guitar for Toy-Con to life with the power of the Nintendo Switch console and Joy-Con controller.
  • There are cardboard components that you assemble to play the game. The instruction is on the package box. It is very simple. More than 6 years old children can finish it. You also can use your own stickers, markers, paint to decorate your own guitar!
  • Discover the fun of customizing Toy-Con creations with crafting ideas. Fold the cardbaord and line up rubber bands along the nodes. Tilt the Joy-Con to change the sound!
  • Experiment with a fun and powerful in-game visual tool in Toy-Con Garage, where you connect input, output, and middle nodes to create your own basic or elaborate ideas for Toy-Con creations!