Details revealed for DOTA 2: The Comic Collection

Amazon has put up a listing for DOTA 2: The Comic Collection, revealing some details. If you are interested, the compilation, which is being published by Dark Horse Books with an ISBN-10 of 1506703488 and an ISBN-13 of 978-1506703480, is available for preorder with this link from the online retailer.

The hardcover book will cover the Ancients as well as the game’s world. You can check out the full product description of DOTA 2: The Comic Collection, via the above-mentioned Amazon listing, below:

The heroes of Dota 2 forge eternal legacies amidst the chaos of battle as they ward off assaults on their Ancient and push ever closer to the destruction of the enemy’s. Now glimpse beyond mere allegiance to Radiant or Dire into the storied lives of these legendary warriors with Dota 2: The Comic Collection.

Valve and Dark Horse are proud to present ten premier comics—collected in print for the first time—that delve into the characters and universe of the most played game on Steam. Offering a glimpse into the origins of the Ancients and the deeper workings of the world they inhabit, Dota 2: The Comic Collection is a chronicle that celebrates the passion of Dota 2 players everywhere.

DOTA 2: The Comic Collection is expected to come out sometime later this August in the North American region.