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Details and images revealed for the Watch Dogs 2 Marcus and Wrench Figurines

Amazon has put up the product pages for the official Watch Dogs 2 Figurines, revealing some details and images. If you are interested, you can preorder the figures, which are based on the characters of the upcoming sequel, with the following links: Marcus and Wrench. You can also check out what the miniature statue of Marcus looks like with our media gallery located just below this paragraph.

In addition to the main centerpiece, the Marcus figure also comes with a 3D printed gun, hacker cell phone and , thunder ball melee weapon while the Wrench figurine has three removable masks. You can check out Amazon’s list of features for both below:

Watch Dogs 2 Marcus Figure

  • GET THE OFFICIAL FIGURINE – Created by the makers of Watch_Dogs 2, the Marcus Figurine is perfectly accurate to the in-game character.
  • CONTAINS ALL OF MARCUS’S TOOLS – The Marcus Figurine includes his 3D printed gun, thunder ball melee weapon and his cell phone, which he can use to hack nearly anything.
  • ASSEMBLE THE WATCH_DOGS 2 DIORAMA – The Marcus Figurine locks in with The Wrench Figurine (sold separately).
  • Stands at a height of 9.5 inches
  • Recommended Ages: 14+

Watch Dogs 2 Wrench Figure:

  • AUTHENTIC DETAILS- The Wrench Figurine has all the features of the character in Watch_Dogs 2 including: scribble tattoos, custom studded punk vest and ripped jeans
  • SWAP OUT THE WRENCH’S MASKS – 3 removable masks are included with the figurine
  • ASSEMBLE THE WATCH_DOGS 2 DIORAMA – The Wrench Figurine locks in with the Marcus Figurine (sold separately)
  • Stands at a height of 9.5 inches
  • Recommended Ages: 14+

Both the Marcus and Wrench figurines are coming out later this November in the North American region. The game itself is expected to come out on the 15th of the same month.