Destiny 2 Original Soundtrack now available

The original soundtrack for Destiny 2 is now available on Amazon. If you are interested, you can purchase the digital album for the sci-fi first-person shooter with this link from the shopping website. The songs can be bought separately or together as part of one bundle. You can also find the cover image directly below this paragraph.

Furthermore, you can check out the full track listing of the album below:

  1. Inner Light
  2. Last Rite
  3. Rise
  4. EDZ
  5. Towerfall
  6. Lost Light (feat. Kronos Quartet)
  7. Forge Ahead
  8. Battle Stations
  9. Utopia Fallen
  10. Lost Sector
  11. Journey (feat. Kronos Quartet)
  12. View from Orbit
  13. Red Legion
  14. New Dawn
  15. What We Fight For
  16. Leviathan
  17. The Wilds
  18. Holliday
  19. The Farm
  20. Be Brave
  21. Payback
  22. Homecoming
  23. Traveler’s Dream
  24. Ikora
  25. Nessus
  26. The Hunted
  27. Pathfinder
  28. Spark
  29. Scavenger’s Den
  30. Dominus Ghaul
  31. Riptide
  32. Titan
  33. Legion’s March
  34. Home of the Brave
  35. A New Frontier
  36. Into the Light
  37. Voyage
  38. Arcadia
  39. No Mercy
  40. The Blight
  41. Guardian’s Sacrifice
  42. Resist the Legion
  43. Sanctuary
  44. The Last City

So, if you are a fan of the music in the game, then you might want to check out the Destiny 2 Original Soundtrack. The videogame is now available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One home consoles. It is expected to come out for the PC on the 24th of October in the North American region.