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Day One Edition box art revealed for Torment: Tides Of Numenera

Amazon as updated the product page for Torment: Tides Of Numenera, revealing the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One box arts for the Day One Edition of the game. If you are interested, you can preorder the console versions of the role-playing game, which takes place from the classic 2D isometric camera angle, with the following links from the shopping website: PS4 version and Xbox One version. You can also check out the covers of Tides Of Numenera with our media gallery located just below this paragraph.

For the uninformed, Torment: Tides Of Numenera is the spiritual successor to Planescape: Torment. The upcoming title was crowd funded, earning more than $4 million.

Tides Of Numenera’s setting is based on the Ninth World from Monte Cook’s tabletop RPG, Numenera. Thus, gamers can expect to explore and science/fantasy world of future Earth.

The aforementioned Day One Edition of the game comes with a physical map and soundtrack CD. So, if you are a fan of the original, then you should check out the upcoming title.

Torment: Tides Of Numenera, which is being developed by inXile Entertainment and published by Techland, is coming out for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms on the 28th of February in the North American region.